The Mystery of My “Disappearing” iPad

As time progressed and early April turned to middle and then late (the 24th qualifies as late April, I think) I began to wonder on what day the order would actually ship. Rumors abound on the Net, but there didn’t seem to be anything official until Apple announced that orders had exceeded their capacity, they were delaying the International rollout, and people who ordered after April 19 would have their orders shipped “by May 7.” My first thought was, “Great! Since they know exactly when the NEXT batch of orders will be shipped, they should know when the FIRST batch will go out.”

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On the Phone by Michael Milburn

That whooshing, watery, radio-being-tuned sound tells me he’s outdoors on his way somewhere and I’d better talk fast. I can’t remember the last time I phoned him without dreading that countdown to when he says, “I’m going into the subway, Dad, got to go.” Lately, he even calls me from the street— a convenient way […]

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